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Natural gas leakage alarm

Tracer gas, natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas (H2)

Body product: 120 mm * 70 mm * 45 mm

Working voltage: 220 vac or 110 vac, 12 VDC - twenty VDC


Unique feature:

(1) the new sensor drift automatic compensation function, truly prevent false positives and omission of..

(2) the alarm troubleshooting tips function, so that the user replacement and maintenance, prevent the report..

(3) the MCU control, working temperature in - 10 degrees to sixty degrees.


Additional features: linkage exhaust fan and connecting the manipulator, the electromagnetic valve

Network mode: cable networking function: (NO, NC)

Wireless networking mode: 315 MHZ / 433 MHZ (2262 OR 1527)