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1、Quadra (quadra) series boiler is equipped with unique water pump, can make wall hanging furnace is suitable for all kinds of heating system; Automatic temperature/pressure display function, visual concise operation panel, emergency treatment, automatic temperature control, self diagnosis, as well as a number of technical comprehensive utilization, especially high grade electrical protection function IPX5D use, but also to ensure that this series of wall hanging furnace in heating and sanitary hot water has distinctive qualities.

2、Through the continuous use of new materials and optimization performance, update system, emergency treatment and technical innovation means, and constantly upgrade hill bo Quadra (quadra) series, hanging furnace in the rapid heating, prevent leakage, automatic temperature control, self diagnosis gradually perfect, ensure that wall hanging furnace used in the various types of heating system.

Quadra (quadra) series hanging cooker has two basic functions: for winter heating provide heat source and provide life sanitary hot water. Boiler power range and - 24 - and kw, available.

3、Multiple tube type double function heat exchanger, the copper material production, design reasonable structure, high efficiency heat transfer. Quadra (quadra) wall hanging furnace, the outward appearance design is concise and compact, simple operation and practical, safety protection device ready, especially IPX5D high-grade electrical protection function to ensure that equipment in spray state security use.

4、Quadra (quadra)  wall hanging furnace adhere to the high reliability, high efficiency, high quality three tenors principle to ensure that the products are high quality and efficiency. The simple and practical, stable operation characteristics, favored by the majority of users welcome, is XiaoKangZhiGu ideal heating sanitary equipment.

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