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Kroraina series

Frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating technology


Through frequency conversion, 20000hz high-frequency current can be realized, and the heating efficiency is more stable; based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the heat energy generated by the turbine flow generated by the magnetic line of force cutting metal is used as the heat source, which is faster and safer than the general heating furnace; moreover, the water in the system becomes magnetized water after being induced by the magnetic field, which effectively reduces the generation of scale.


Specifications: 8kw, 10kW, 12KW, 16kw, 24kw, 32kw, 36kw.

Flyover series

Modular floor electric heating furnace


Through modular combination, hierarchical start-up and on-demand heating, multiple units can be used in parallel to realize centralized heating and large-scale management of electric heating equipment (individual modules need to be maintained, without affecting the whole unit heating); it can also be arranged near the demand point for accurate heating, with short lines, saving the initial pipeline laying cost, and avoiding the heat loss of the external network.


Specification: 50KW, 65kW, 100kW, 150KW, 200kW

Excellent series

PTC ceramic semiconductor electric heater


Features: the most advanced ceramic PTC thermistor in the industry is used as the heating element, which does not emit light and consume oxygen. When the heating temperature reaches a certain temperature, the resistance can be self-regulated to avoid over temperature. The first double-sided heating technology is invented, which is characterized by double-sided water passing through the heating plate, and the heat is fully taken away. The electric heat conversion rate is as high as 99%. The heating body with good stability and large flow is not easy to block, which is suitable for"Coal to electricity" and other old systems.


Specification: 8kw, 10kW, 12KW, 16kw, 24kw, 32kw, 40kW

Transcendence series

Solid alloy electric heater


Features: water and electricity separation, system airtight. Good safety and stability, high thermal efficiency (up to 97% and long-term use without attenuation), long service life (design service life of 15 years).


Specification: 4kw, 6kW, 8kw, 10kW, 12KW, 16kw, 24kw