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Brief introduction of Xinjiang Yizhou heating equipment Co., Ltd

Xinjiang Yizhou heating equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a professional company integrating sales, installation and after-sales service of gas heating equipment and electric heating equipment. It consists of: Korla Yizhou heating equipment sales center, Korla Xiangxin Yizhou electric heating equipment center, which is one of the famous distributors of gas heating equipment and electric heating equipment in Xinjiang. By the end of 2018, more than 40000 users were using the products of Yizhou. The company won the title of "national top ten excellent agents" in the "2010 China wall mounted furnace first dealer strength competition"; in March 2014, Bazhou government awarded the company the title of "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise; it is the "governing unit" of the boiler industry association of the autonomous region; it has been recognized as a "five-star" credit merchant by Hualing group for several consecutive years; in 2014, "Yizhou wall mounted furnace" was recognized as a "five-star" credit merchant The Administration for Industry and Commerce of the autonomous region recognized as "famous trademark of Xinjiang"; in 2018, it won the title of "top 50 dealers of wall mounted furnace industry in 2018" at the China wall mounted furnace industry summit; in September 2018, it was recognized as "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the autonomous region; in September 2019, it was recognized as "integrity of the autonomous region" by the association of contract abiding and trustworthy enterprises of the autonomous region "Enterprise".

"Yizhou" brand gas wall mounted furnace:

At the beginning of the research and development of "Yizhou" gas wall hanging furnace, the company fully considered the special adverse environmental factors such as cold climate, strong sandstorm and poor water quality in Xinjiang, introduced European technology, and referred to the design process and configuration of world famous brand wall hanging furnace. By increasing the area of fire exhaust and exchanger, adding special devices and improving the configuration and other specific measures, the product has greatly improved the temperature raising speed, anti backwind, anti scaling and other performance, so that the "Yizhou" gas wall mounted furnace is more suitable for use in Xinjiang and other harsh environment areas.

The main configuration of "Yizhou" gas wall hanging furnace is: Italy West gas valve, Denmark Grundfos water pump, cast aluminum fan, Switzerland Huba wind pressure switch, 22KW equipped with 280mm exchanger. The domestic leading configuration makes the "Yizhou" gas wall hanging furnace completely comparable to the original imported high-grade wall hanging furnace in Europe in terms of safety, energy saving, noise level and other indicators.

"Yizhou" brand electric wall hanging furnace:

The "Yizhou" electric wall hanging furnace was officially put on the market in October 2019. The transcendence, excellence and Loulan series products of Yizhou brand electric wall hanging furnace adopt solid alloy electric heating technology, PTC ceramic semiconductor electric heating technology and frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating technology respectively. The whole line products of Yizhou electric wall hanging furnace adopt the technology of built-in expansion water tank and built-in circulating water pump, with 18 kinds of intelligence Control and safety protection measures, various intelligent settings, remote Wi Fi control and other high-tech products, product features: water and electricity separation, system sealing, intelligent control. It fully guarantees the advantages of Yizhou electric wall hanging furnace, such as safety, high efficiency and no scaling. It is a new generation product of resistance type (heating rod) electric wall hanging furnace.

Agent products:

The company's products, such as condensing gas module furnace, frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace and air energy heat pump, have been constructed in 10 rural schools in Heshuo County, 6 bilingual kindergarten module furnace heating projects in Korla, and Yanqi County stability maintenance heating projects; participated in the design and construction of 10 bilingual kindergarten heating cable projects in Korla. Our products are exported to Kuqa, Aksu, Kashi, Hotan and other places. The high efficiency, stability and energy-saving quality has been widely praised by users.