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Frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating technology


Through frequency conversion, 20000hz high-frequency current can be realized, and the heating efficiency is more stable; based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the heat energy generated by the turbine flow generated by the magnetic line of force cutting metal is used as the heat source, which is faster and safer than the general heating furnace; moreover, the water in the system becomes magnetized water after being induced by the magnetic field, which effectively reduces the generation of scale.


Specifications: 8kw, 10kW, 12KW, 16kw, 24kw, 32kw, 36kw.

18 heavy intelligent control and safety protection measures


1. Room temperature control: ensure that the interface of indoor temperature controller is reserved for each wall hanging furnace, the temperature of programmable time interval, make full use of the peak and valley electricity price policy, and save more than 30% of the electricity cost.


2. Water and electricity isolation: fully consider the use safety in the design of wall hanging furnace, so as to separate the heating core water and electricity and the whole machine water and electricity.


3. System airtight: the heating system operates in vacuum airtight mode, without water supplement for a year or even several years. The water entering the system for the first time brings in a limited amount of calcium and magnesium ions. The magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate (scaling) formed can be ignored to prevent scaling of the system and equipment.


4. Anti freezing function: when the system temperature is lower than 9 , the circulating water pump will run for a long time. When the water temperature is lower than 5 , the wall mounted boiler will start automatically until the water temperature rises to 30 , the anti freezing function will stop.


5. Water overpressure protection: when the water pressure of the heating system rises to 0.3MPa, the pressure relief valve will automatically release the pressure.


6. Power off memory: when the power is cut off, the original setting will be memorized automatically, and the original working state will be restored automatically after the power is reconnected.


7. Anti blocking function of water pump: when the heating system is in standby mode, the water pump automatically runs for 30 seconds every 21 hours, effectively preventing the water pump from blocking.


8. Leakage protection: equipped with leakage protection device. When the wall mounted furnace leaks electricity or is overloaded, it will automatically cut off power and prevent electric shock.


9. Automatic fault detection: when any fault occurs to the wall hanging furnace, the machine will automatically shut down and display the fault code on the screen.


10. Sensor failure protection: if the temperature sensor fails or is abnormal, the machine will stop working automatically.


11. Lack of item protection: when the line power supply is lack of item, the machine will automatically stop working to avoid the fire accident of water pump.


12. Grounding protection of the whole machine: all electrical parts with strong current of the whole machine are grounded to prevent electric shock.


13. Dry burn protection: when the flow of the main circuit is too small or the water circulation stops unexpectedly, the wall mounted boiler will automatically stop running to prevent the system from overheating or dry burning, which may cause potential danger.


14. Intelligent control: digital display panel, system temperature LCD display and intelligent control.


15. Ipx4d electrical protection: wall mounted furnace can work normally in humid environment.


16. Temperature control by mobile phone: PLC programmable operation, remote Wi Fi control, microcomputer chip control, remote control of system temperature and working time by mobile phone.


17. Frequency conversion technology of electromagnetic wall hanging furnace: through frequency conversion, 20000hz high-frequency current can be realized, and the heating efficiency is more stable.


18. System magnetization: during the operation of electromagnetic wall hanging furnace, magnetic field induction is generated to magnetize the water in the system and effectively reduce scale.

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