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Outstanding series

1. Outstanding Outstanding series wall hanging furnace, fashion, elegant appearance of the liquid crystal display panel, more show wall hanging furnace noble and fashionable, convenient in operation, LCD digital display boiler information intuitive and clear.

2. All the copper material production main heat exchanger + efficient heat transfer of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger, ensure heat more efficient, domestic hot water stability is better, boiler power range: twenty - 24 - - 32 kw to choose.

Surpass Seris

1. Surpass surpass series hanging cooker has two basic functions, and provide for winter heating heat source and provide life sanitary hot water, boiler power range and - 24 - and kw available, efficient multiple tube type double function heat exchanger, the copper material production, design reasonable structure, high efficiency heat transfer.

Loulan series

1, the whole structure of integration, high heat exchanger with double pipe casing technology (B type machine), in improving heat efficiency at the same time, eliminate the effects of scale.

Conica series

1, Conica (conica) series wall hanging furnace beautiful appearance vogue, panel design is simple and convenient in operation, LCD digital display boiler work information, intuitive and clear.

Universe series

SYLBER (sylber) throughout history, has always been committed to hanging boiler and household water heater product technical innovation, and the user really feel use SYBER (hill Po) hanging boiler water heater and energy saving, safe, efficient and convenient. All the products, from the design and configuration of every parts and components, all show that SYLBER (hill Po) boiler is not only similar products technology leader, and has a strong compatibility, can do the maximum satisfy the market demand of different user personalized use. Wide range of products, make the installation personnel may, according to the user’s family heating actual demand, and hot water pipe network configuration, easy install the most reasonable selection of equipment type specification.

50G self-absorption household RO water purifier

Product Name: 50G self-absorption household RO water purifier 

Product Type: AJESJL-RO-ZX-WD-WD-50G 

Product Dimensions: 36 × 22 × 46CM (L * W * H) 

Rated voltage: AC 220V 50Hz 

Rated power: 28W 

Pressure: less than 0.6 Mpa 

For water: tap water or non-pressure region 0 

Water temperature: 4-45 ℃ 

Water capacity: 50 gallons (189 liters) / day

75G self-piercing household water

Product Name: 75G self-piercing household water 

Product Type: AJESJL-RO-WD-75G 

Product Dimensions: 36 × 22 × 46CM (L * W * H) 

Storage tank size: 28 × 38CM (diameter * height) 

Power supply: 220V / 50Hz 

Rated power: 28W 

Apply pressure: 0.1-0.6Mpa      Applications: Household 

Out of water: 283 liters / day (equivalent to 15 barrels of bottled water)    Water flow: 11.8 liters / hour 

Best water temperature: 5-40 degrees 

Storage tank capacity: 3.2 gallons (12 liters)

Bath bully

1, outside housing totally enclosed design: outside of the cabinet is made of high temperature resistance of nano flame retardant PP make housing under the high temperature of 130 degrees long-term deformation not aging.2, double totally enclosed design waterproof effect is much better. Internal hidden type wiring design: housing internal is also an enclosed whole, all wires, some hidden wires into full package, ensure to be both safe and clean.3, double wind mute: large rotor design the air more, combined with the Archimedes law mute type air duct design, the noise is small.

The German original custard remote control thermostat

WH601RF is a section has 7 days programming without linear temperature controller, can according to its internal procedures or customers custom program control boiler or heating the operation of the system. The device of the receiver directly with hanging furnace or the central heating system of thermal actuators connection, transmitter using special radio signals and receiver communication with penetration ability, communication stability, without interference, low electric etc. By the battery power supply emitter can be as for no signal blind Angle of any position, is our life become comfortable and simple.

 The product has the following features:

1, easy to operate, a function button, three key; 

2, the whole week program setting; 

3, take two kind of permanent memory program selection, production process and customer custom program; 

4, large screen LCD display; 

5, adjustable comfortable temperature, economic temperature, antifreeze temperature; 

6, can be applied to wall hanging furnace, condensing furnace, household metering heating system control and energy saving; 

7, only two 5 batteries; 

8, Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display; 

9, fast and simple installation; 

10, can show temperature correction; 

11, advanced wireless transmission technology, indoor wall distance 30 meters

A state intelligent programmable thermostat

Installed on the electric warming, hanging furnace heating control room temperature system. Intelligent control, energy saving change, the environment is comfortable and change.

A state intelligent programmable thermostat

Used in commercial and civil buildings, for heating, air conditioning of central air conditioning terminal coil machine, water control valve, the logic circuit on the measurement of the temperature and set temperature, when the temperature compare relative difference is greater than 1 ℃, since the launch of fan or electric valve, when the environment temperature to set temperature, automatic closing fan or electric valve. 

Natural gas leakage alarm

Tracer gas, natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas (H2)

Body product: 120 mm * 70 mm * 45 mm

Working voltage: 220 vac or 110 vac, 12 VDC - twenty VDC


Unique feature:

(1) the new sensor drift automatic compensation function, truly prevent false positives and omission of..

(2) the alarm troubleshooting tips function, so that the user replacement and maintenance, prevent the report..

(3) the MCU control, working temperature in - 10 degrees to sixty degrees.


Additional features: linkage exhaust fan and connecting the manipulator, the electromagnetic valve

Network mode: cable networking function: (NO, NC)

Wireless networking mode: 315 MHZ / 433 MHZ (2262 OR 1527)