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    Central heating, with hanging furnace and air conditioning each have advantages and disadvantages

    Time: 2015-08-25 10:06:10

    Winter you choose which kinds of means heating?

    For the last few days, the reporter visited three towns heating products: each "weapon" has "unique skill", but also have "dead hole".

    - collective heating:

    A few years ago, liu bought central heating house, but until yesterday, her home is just gifts.

    Liu said, her heat source is wuhan DE wei thermal company make of central heating, but earlier this month because of wuchang thermal power plant no natural gas power generation, home heating can not, etc. After much negotiation, 16, finally the heating.

    Advantages: save space, without additional cainuanlu.

    Weakness: use is restricted heat source.

    - wall hanging furnace heating:

    With 100 square meters of the room, for example, loading heating facilities in 20000 yuan or so, building area is larger, the higher the mounting cost. But the wuchang lucky star international city village liu think, the subsequent fee than low electricity, gas fee of about 700 yuan a month.

    Thermal engineering construction of wuhan Wallace hicks thermal engineering company general manager to many books say, old house construction loading radiator than electric heating slightly complicated, involving go tube.

    Advantages: the subsequent use cheap, heating and comfortable.

    Weakness: the high cost of investment, installation than electric warming slightly trouble.

    - electric heating:

    A home appliance heating company manager li says, below the floor on the shop floor heating carbon crystal convenient installation, 100 square meters room, pry up the floor, one day can be completed. In addition, electric heating can be mounted to the thermostat, optional setup.

    But it faces step electricity price test. 100 square meters room, the actual installation area in the square meters or so, the mounting cost 18000 yuan, according to open 24 hours every day, and a month of electricity, electricity is more than 800 yuan. In the step electricity price after implementation, monthly charge of more than 1000 yuan.

    Advantages: easy installation, it is suitable for small family.

    Weakness: the subsequent charge high.

    - air conditioning electric heater

    In wuhan, the double system air conditioning is one big characteristic, and the public to use part of the small electric heating.

    Yesterday, the wuchang jingang yuan liu residents out of electricity bill, this month electricity than usual out 350 yuan. Mr Liu said, air conditioning heating uncomfortable, too dry.

    Hankou Mr. Peng bought a piece of portable electric radiator, every ten hours or so, can solve a room heating, every day more than $7 consumption, a month to 210 pieces.

    Advantages: the investment is small, hot.

    Weakness: comfort is poor, small district heating.