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    Add new members to "Yizhou" family

    Time: 2019-12-20 11:36:38

    Xinjiang famous brand "Yizhou" series products, after the hot sale of Yizhou gas wall hanging furnace, Yizhou water purifier, Yizhou thermostat and other series products, add new members: Yizhou electric wall hanging furnace is available. The transcendence, excellence and Loulan series products of "Yizhou" electric wall hanging furnace respectively use solid alloy electric heating technology, PTC ceramic semiconductor electric heating technology, frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating technology, built-in expansion water tank and circulating water pump. The products use water and electricity separation, system close and other technologies, and use 18 heavy intelligent control and safety protection measures, remote Wi Fi control and other high-tech hands It is a new generation product of resistance type (heating rod) electric wall hanging furnace.

    "Yizhou" electric wall hanging furnace fully considered the cold climate, poor water quality and "coal to power project" and other special circumstances in Xinjiang. Through the introduction of European technology, advanced technology and configuration in the industry were referenced and learned. In particular, the electric heating technology of PTC ceramic semiconductor (Patent No.: cn109556280a) with high cost in the industry is adopted. The PTC ceramic semi conducting heater has the characteristics of advanced technology, fast temperature raising speed, good stability, high thermal efficiency (electric heat conversion rate up to 99%), etc. combined with the fact that the coal to electricity projects are old systems, complex and with many impurities, it is easy to cause equipment blockage, etc, The specific measures such as the separation of water and electricity, the sealing of the system and the increase of the flow rate of the heating body are adopted to greatly improve the temperature raising speed, scale prevention and blockage prevention of the products, so that the "Yizhou" electric wall hanging furnace is more suitable for the use in the coal to electricity project in Xinjiang and the areas with poor environment.

    "Yizhou" will continue to uphold the excellent product quality, professional installation and construction, wholehearted after-sales service, and provide meticulous service for new and old customers.